Addition Worksheets : Four Five Six

Now that we know one, two and three it is time to learn some more on addition worksheets. Nikita and Enzo will help us learn on Addition Worksheets. They are always playing and counting and having lots of fun!

Enzo loves to play in the bath. And always throws toys in to play with. Sometimes he plays at night and sometimes he hops in to play during the day. Can you see Enzo in the bath? He Addition Worksheets : Four Duckshas FOUR bath ducks in the bath with him. Let’s count the ducks 1,2,3 and 4!

This is so exciting we can count one more. There are so many things to count. The more we count the more we learn. The more we learn the more we can count. That is what learning is all about. On addition worksheets we sing and dance and even shout.

Next we see what Nikita can find. She looks up top, in front and behind. Nikita loves to collect things. as she collects she loves to sing; Addition Worksheets : Five“One, two, three, four, five there is nowhere you can hide.” Can you see what Nikita has found? She has FIVE moneyboxes in her bed. Nikita loves to save her money in these boxes. Then one day she will open then to see how much she has to spend. Those are two new words here on addition worksheets! SAVE : to put money away. SPEND : to swap money for something you want.

Can you guess what comes next? Nikita and Enzo love Easter and they get lots of Easter eggs. Easter eggs are yummy. Can you Addition Worksheets : Sixcount the Easter eggs? 1,2,3,45 and 6! Wow! There are SIX easter eggs. Many things come in SIX. Normal chicken eggs in the shop are often packed in SIX. Sometimes bread rolls are packed in SIX. Shops love selling things in SIX.

Nikita and Enzo love Addition Workskeets. They learn to count first before they can learn to add. Now Nikita and Enzo can count to SIX! They are so happy and can’t wait for more counting on Addition Worksheets.

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