Addition Worksheets: Intro

Addition Worksheets: Intro

Nikita Is Wild About Addition Worksheets

Add! Did someone just say add? Nikita is WILD about adding. Come join Nikita and do these addition worksheets.

Hooray for numbers, which are what we use to add. Learning too much at once makes Nikita mad. So to make her happy we start from naught to three. That way learning is easy.

When we have nothing there is nothing to count. “That is funny,” says Nikita; “so why do we mention it is about?” We give it a name because we need to tell everyone there is nothing there to see. It has two names ZERO or NAUGHT. So now we have a number to explain when we have nothing.


Addition Worksheets: Intro 2Look Nikita has found a mouse! She has ONE mouse. Nikita can only carry ONE thing in her mouth at a time. That is because she only has one mouth. The number ONE is very important. There is ONE of you and me and ONE of Nikita. Nikita is happy that there is only ONE of her. That makes her unique! You are unique and special too. See how many things there are only one of and draw them on a paper. You can send your drawings in to Nikita if you want we will be so excited to get drawings from you.

Addition Worksheets: Intro 3Nikita loves her birthday. On her birthday she got TWO cupcakes. Can you see them? One is pink and the other is blue. When things come in two they are called a pair. Just like a pair of shoes. There is one left shoe and one right shoe and together they make a pair. One plus one makes TWO. Can you find things that come in TWO? Draw them on paper if you can.

Nikita is very excited about all this counting! She loves to count and counts everything she walks past during the day to practice. When we practice we have fun and it makes it easier for us to remember the next time. That is how we learn new things. You can practice too by counting everything around you.

Addition Worksheets: Intro 4Nikita loves to explore. And as she roams she wants to explore even more. One day when she was out she met THREE penguins. One of them loves to hide. Can you see them all? Sometimes when we count we may miss one or two. Then when we look again we find there is more. Nikita looks three times at everything to make sure she doesn’t miss something.

Now we can count up to THREE on Addition Worksheets. Join Nikita as she counts from FOUR to SIX and from SEVEN to TEN.

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