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Tubby the Turtle loves Banks For Kids Is Fun! We learnt about treasure and treasure chests in Lesson1 and Lesson 2. Tubby is so lucky because he can roam both land and sea! When he goes on land he learns so much from you and me. That is how he found out how people keep things safe. You see we learn by watching and finding out.

One day when Tubby was out and about he saw a strange box. He looked at it very carefully. Tubby loves to investigate. He looked it over inside and out and wondered what this box was all about. It was a very heavy box. Tubby is a very big turtle and he battled to pick it up. It was made from very heavy metal that made it heavy and bulky.

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The box had a door on it that could open and close. It was so big inside that even Tubby could hide! It had a big handle on it and a lock. it was a very safe lock because no-one can open the box unless they know a secret code.

Have you seen special locks like that? You find plenty out there. You can even find special locks to lock your bicycle up that need a secret code. The code is a group of numbers that only you know. That way no-one else can open the lock.

You can make your own codes… All you need is to know numbers 1 to 9. Then you can mix them up any way you like to make a code.

Tubby is very excited about codes. It makes him feel special knowing he can lock things away with a special lock and only he can open it. Locking things away keeps things safe. Now that Tubby thinks carefully he knows what this box is. It is a safe and people lock things they treasure in it.

Today on Banks For Kids Is Fun we learnt that people lock thinks up to keep things safe. They can even use locks that need a code to open them. A code is a group of numbers put together that only you know. We also learnt about a safe, which is a big metal box that locks. People put things in the safe to keep them safe.

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