Banks For Kids Is Fun! Lesson 2

Banks For Kids Is Fun! Banks For Kids is for everyone! In Activity 1 Sally found a treasure chest. Now Sally wants to find somewhere for it to nest. She looks high and low. She asks everyone to help wherever she goes.

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Skippy The Skate - Banks For Kids Is Fun!

Skippy the skate calls a meeting. He is so excited he even stops eating. He asks everyone to make a list. He asks them to say what they think a safe place is.

Everybody gathers round. Skippy writes with his tail on the ground. Skippy loves to write. He sings; “Writing is such a delight.”

Thinking together makes it easy for everyone. Tubby the turtle is so happy he starts to rhyme. All his friends clap their hands to keep time.

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Working As A Team - Bank For Kids Is Fun

“Here on Banks For Kids Is Fun we are a team. Where thinking together helps us to reach our dream; of a safe place to keep our treasure. Oh being a team is such a pleasure.”

Skippy looked into the sand and read his list to those around.


1) Keep treasure safe from pirates who roam the sea.

2) Keep treasure in one place for you and me.

3) Keep treasure sheltered from rough seas.

4) Keep treasure clean and free of sand.

5) Keep treasure out of thieves’ hands.

6) Keep treasure hidden from those at sea and on land.

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Treasure Cove - Banks For Kids Is Fun

Now there is a list for everyone. They won’t stop till the search is done. Suddenly Zippy the starfish shouts out; “Hurry, hurry come and see. I think I’ve found where the treasure chest should be!”

Everybody rushes over to look. They skip and dance and play and prance. It is always fun under the sea. They look at the place that Zippy has found. They know that if the treasure chest is kept there it will be safe and sound.

Now the treasure chest is safe; Sally the seahorse decides to have a Treasure Cove opening party. Treasure Cove is the name of where the treasure will be.

So in this lesson we talked about treasure being safe. People keep things safe too! We keep things safe in a safe! A safe is like a treasure chest where people put things they treasure. So now we have learnt about the word safe and that people keep things in a safe.

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2 Responses to Banks For Kids Is Fun! Lesson 2

  1. Arnold Pollak January 21, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    Reuben enjoyed the story, Raphael said he did not ‘get it’. Me too. Not sure if it is just meant to be a story or if it is meant to have a deeper message. Also, personally, found the BANKS FOR KIDS IS FUN repeated too often, which I felt detracted from the overall message.

    • Laura Bulcao January 31, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

      Hello Arnold. Thank you so much for your comment. I have gone back and changed the articles with your comment in mind. Please can you have another look and mention where else I can improve. Your input is very valuable to me… Oh and that of your boys…. if you go to the money for kids section you can start at Money Worksheets For Kids (intro). Thank you so much and hope to hear from you again soon…

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