Present Value Calculator

When promised an amount or given a valuation of an asset in the future it is important to be able to find the present value. The present value calculator will help you estimate the present value of a given amount. To enable you to compare future values it is important to bring the values back to the present value. This will allow you to compare different future payouts or asset values in today’s value. Note that market values change at any time and the estimate you get may be way off this value. It is important to look at risk in any forecasting and decision making that involves future values. The present value calculator does not factor in risk. It is important to seek professional advice when making any decision based on future or present values. This is a discussion site and not financial advice.

Present Value Calculator

This calculator will compute the present value of an amount of money to be received in the future.
Future value ($):
Discount rate (%):
Number of years (#):
Compound interval:
Present value:


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