Present Value of an Annuity Calculator

You may be wondering how much to invest today to receive regular income over a term. Or you may be receiving regular cash amounts in the future and want to know what it is worth today. An annuity calculator can help you find your estimated present value. Another reason to use this present value of an annuity calculator is to find out the value today of regular payments you will be making in the future. It is always better to decide upon something when you know the current value. Inflation is sometimes not accurate and if you are using the rate of inflation to work out present value remember that it may not match your standard of living. This annuity calculator will only provide you with an estimate. There are many changing circumstances that can depreciate the value of an annuity. Please go and see a professional when trying to work out the present value of an annuity. This site is a discussion site and does not offer financial advice.

Present Value of an Annuity Calculator

This calculator will compute the present value of a series of equal cash flows to be received in the future.
Payment amount ($):
Interest rate (%):
Number of years (#):
Payment interval:
Present value:


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