Simple Loan Calculator

Sometimes you just need a simple answer to how much you will be paying every month on a loan. This simple loan calculator is easy to use and will estimate your loan repayments for you. Often when you co purchase a vehicle or take out a loan you are so caught up in sales talk that you cannot see plainly what you will be paying each month or how much interest you will be charged. Using a loan calculator can help you around to find what best suits you. Always check that you are entering a loan agreement that can be payed off before the term. That way if you can you can pay your loan off sooner and pay less interest. A loan calculator gives estimated values and there may be other charges involved in your loan payments. This site is a discussion site so please go see a professional when looking for financial advice.

Simple Loan Calculator

This calculator will compute a loan's monthly payment amount and the total interest based on the purchase price, downpayment amount, interest rate and number of monthly payments.
Purchase price:
Downpayment amount:
Interest rate (%):
Number of monthly payments:
Amount financed:
Monthly payment:
Total interest:


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