Teen Savings Advice

Teen Savings Advice

Teen Savings Advice

Hi there! I wish there was a radical bank or place for teenagers to go save. Banks can be so dull and not open to younger minds. You are excited to start saving and then walk into a bank to find some drab person behind the desk. Nothing worse.

Not all people in finance are boring. When looking for advice find someone who inspires you. You may have to go on a bit of a hunt but it will be worth it. You are the one saving so you must be happy.

Have a goal in mind when you save. This helps to keep you saving. It could be to save for something you want to buy yourself later or for a holiday. This will help stop you taking out your savings and spending it.

Make sure that when you get savings advice that the person is licensed. This is important. There is plenty of fraud in finance. Keep all your information safe. Don’t share this information with friends. Never give your account details to anyone. That goes for your ATM card too. Keep it on you and do not give it to anyone.

It is a good idea to take an adult with you when you go for any advice. If it is not your guardian don’t allow them to sign for you or have any account details. When it comes to money you never know who will steal from you.

When reading any savings advice online or in books etc take care. A lot of “advice” out there belongs in the trash. Make sure someone qualified wrote it. Online savings advice can sometimes be dangerous. Never agree to meet anyone alone who is offering teen savings advice. Note this is a discussion and not financial advice.

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