Variable Compounding & Deposit Savings Calculator

When comparing different savings products it can be very tricky to work out which one is the best. The savings calculator below can help you compare different savings products. When comparing savings accounts remember to look at charges too. The product may offer better interest rates but have large charges; these charges will eat into your earnings. A savings calculator does not look at charges. Penalties can sometimes be charged for exiting a savings product early. Make sure that you check the term on the product and know if there are any penalties before you sign the contract. Most savings products work on compounded interest and this savings calculator can help you compare products with different compounding intervals. Please remember that the calculations are only estimates. Seek professional advice when comparing interest earning savings products. This is a discussion site and not financial advice.

Variable Compounding & Deposit Savings Calculator

This calculator not only allows you to compute and compare the forcasted interest earnings on various investment scenarios, but it also allows you to choose the deposit and compounding intervals. No longer will you need to wonder if an investment offering a 6% return, compounded daily is better than an investment offering a 7% return, compounded annually.

To calculate the forecasted earnings of an investment, enter the beginning balance, the amount you plan to add to your investment (if any) at the specified intervals, the interest rate you expect to earn and the compounding interval, and the number of years you expect to allow your investment to grow.

Since varying deposit and compounding intervals lead to very complex calculations and considering the actual earnings of an investment may be calculated using any one of several methods, the results calculated by this tool should be considered as estimates only.

Enter the initial investment ($ - optional):
Enter the addition ($):
Enter the annual interest rate (%):
Choose the compounding interval:
Enter the number of years (#):
Future value:
Total deposits:
Interest earned:


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